Best Credit Cards for Gas Spending (2021)

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  Easily Earn Points for Free TravelBest Cards for Each Bonus Category

Make sure to read the tips and general advice in our Optimize Rewards by Using Different Cards for Different Purchases guide.


Card suggestions

Until the end of June, the Amex Platinum Business Card offers 5x MR points on gas purchases. You need to activate the bonus points via an Amex Offer on the card.

  • If you are using one of the following cards, it probably doesn’t make sense to get an extra card just for gas purchases. Many of the cards that have valuable benefits or that earn good bonus rewards in other categories, also offer good bonus rewards on gas. You can probably earn competitive reward rates on gas with one of the cards you already have. This makes it less worthwhile to get another card, if it is only to earn a slightly higher reward rate on a couple of thousand dollars' worth of gas purchases each year.
  • In addition, a number of otherwise interesting cards provide 3% bonus rewards on gas. Unless you spend a lot of money on gas, even these cards are probably good enough. With $2,000 in annual purchases, the difference between 3% and 5% reward rates is $40.
  • If you spend a lot of money on gas, you can optimize your rewards by getting the Abound Platinum Card or Sam's Club Credit Card). These cards earn 5% back on gas and have no annual fee. However, the Sam's Club Card is only available if you have a membership and the Abound Credit Union Card can be difficult to get if you are not already a member.
  • For every $1,000 you spend on gas each year, you’ll earn an extra $5 in rewards compared to a card that would have earned you 4.5%, an extra $10 compared to a card that would have earned you 4%, or an extra $20 compared to a card that would have earned you 3%.

    The only cards that earns more are the BOA Cash Rewards (but only if you have over $100,000 at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch) or the Amex Everyday Preferred (if you highly-value Membership Rewards points).

Quick comparison

The point values used in the table below are estimates based on a typical traveler. They may need to be adjusted for your individual preferences and travel patterns. For example, if you highly value premium cabin award tickets and are willing and able to build up large point balances, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, and ThankYou points are much more valuable and you should earn as many of those types of points as you can. If you have trouble finding good frequent flyer redemptions, you might want to focus on cards that earn points that can be used more like cash. Deciding What Type of Points to Earn

The annual costs in the table below reflect the annual fee minus any travel credits. For travel credits that are harder to redeem, we value the credit at 50% of the maximum credit amount. We value the Amex Airlines Incidental Credit at only 25% of the maximum credit amount. If you are willing to do the work or are otherwise able to get full value from these credits, the effective annual fee can be considerably lower.

Some cards waive the annual fee for the first year. But the table focuses on what you would pay in the longer term.

Card Value Earns Annual Cost
Amex Business Gold Rewards Card
(If it is one of your top 2 categories)
6% 4x MR $295
Wyndham Business Card 5.6% 8x Wyndham 95
BOA Cash Rewards Card 3-5.25%* 3-5.25 $0
Abound Platinum Card 5% 5% $0
Sam's Club Credit Card 5% 5% $0
Wells Fargo Propel Card
(with the Wells Fargo Visa Signature)
4.5% 3x $0
Everyday Preferred Card
(with 30+ transactions per month)
4.5% 3x MR $95
Altitude Reserve Card
(with mobile wallet purchases only†)
4.5% 3x $75
Citi Premier Card 4.2% 3x TY $95
Penfed Platinum Rewards Card 4.2% 5x $0
Wyndham Earner Plus Card 4.2% 8x Wyndham 75
Costco Credit Card 4% 4% $0
Verizon Visa Card 4% 4% $0
Ink Cash Card 3.4% 2x UR $0
Everyday Preferred Card
(without the transaction bonus)
3% 2x MR $95
VantageWest Connect Credit Card 3% 3x $0
Blue Cash Preferred Card 3% 3% $95
Hilton Surpass Credit Card 2.7% 6x $75

* Cardholders with more than $20,000 in combined balances at BOA / Merrill Lynch earn bonus rewards, maxing out at 3.5 cents on grocery store purchases. 

† If the gas station accepts mobile wallet payment, you’re set. If you have SamsungPay, you should be able to use it any station with a swipe machine.

Supercharge your rewards with a fuel rewards program

There are several ways to earn even more rewards on your gasoline purchases.

  • Take advantage of grocery store reward programs.. Most grocery store reward programs offer fuel discounts that you can redeem when you buy gas at store-branded gas stations or certain partner brands. For example, you can earn fuel points with every purchase at the Kroger family of supermarkets and then use them for a 10 cent per gallon discount at Shell. 
  • When you purchase gift cards at the grocery store, you’ll often earn additional “fuel rewards”, you can use for gas discounts.
  • Shell operates their own “Fuel Rewards” program. You’ll get an extra 5 cents off per gallon. If you link a credit card to your Fuel Rewards account and then use that card to make purchases at participating restaurants. grocery stores, or other retailers, you’ll earn additional discounts.
  • Other gas stations run their own reward programs. For example, you can earn an extra 1 cent per dollar in rewards by using the Plenti program at Exxon and Mobile or get 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent at BP.  Check what is available at the gas stations near you.

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