This Quarter's Bonus Categories (2021)

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  Easily Earn Points for Free TravelBoost your rewards with "Pick Your Own Category", "Rotating Category", and Gift Cards

Q3 2021 is underway. Make sure to activate for this quarter's categories. More details about the quarter's categories are available on the activation pages.

For information and tips about using these cards to optimize the rewards you earn on your spending, make sure to look at our Advanced Bonus Category Optimization guide.

Grocery Stores and Select Streaming Services.  Grocery stores usually sell a wide variety of gift cards you can use at other merchants, making it easy to get full value this quarter.

You'll get credit for charges made before you register, but there is no reason to hold off. Activation Webpage.

Chase has announced the categories for Oct - Dec: Walmart and PayPal.

Restaurants and PayPal. The good news is that PayPal can be used all over the internet. You should also get credit for purchases made with your Discover Card through PayPal Key.

You'll only earn bonus rewards on purchases that are made after you activate each quarter. Activation Webpage

Discover has already announced their complete 2021 schedule: Oct - Dec: Amazon,, and

Home Improvement and Gas. If you won't be naturally spending enough in these categories, you should be able to purchase gift cards at these locations, especially at Home Improvement stores. If you have a nearby Lowe's, link your Dividend Card to the Jet Blue Shopping site to earn extra points on all your Lowe's purchases.

You'll only earn bonus rewards on purchases that are made two or more days after you activate. Activation Webpage.

Citi has announced the categories for Oct - Dec: Restaurants & BestBuy.

Gas and Education. Gas is a tough category, there is a good chance you are already earning good bonus rewards and most gas stations aren't a good source for gift cards. If you have education expenses, it is usually easy to max out this quarter, but if you don't, it is hard to take advantage of this category.

Nusenda has had the same schedule every year: Oct - Dec: Restaurants, Hotels, Airfare. Apr - Jun: Movies Restaurants, Home Improvements.

Activating the U.S. Bank Cash+ Card


Unlike the other "pick your own category" cards, you need to re-activate the categories on the Cash+ card every quarter. Any spending made that quarter before activation won't earn bonus rewards. Activation Webpage.

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