Take Advantage of Transfer Bonuses to Get More Value from Your Reward Points (2021)

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Amex’s Membership Rewards, Citi’s ThankYou Rewards, and Capital One's Venture Program often offer point transfer promotions, where you receive extra miles when you transfer your points to specific airline partners.


For example, Amex recently offered an extra 40% when transferring points to British Airways. If you transferred 50,000 Membership Rewards points during this promotion, you would have received 70,000 British Airways Avios rather than the normal 50,000.

Transfer bonuses are also sometimes available for Marriott points. Chase Ultimate Rewards has only ever offered a single point transfer promotion.

If there is a currently available transfer promotion, that program will likely offer the cheapest option for your award ticket. You may also want to preemptively take advantage of a promotion to lock in a better redemption rate in the future, even if it means giving up some flexibility for using your points.

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Take advantage of available promotions (when available)

During a transfer bonus, most frequent flyer programs are typically the least expensive way to book an award ticket. When you factor in the bonus miles, their award chart becomes cheaper.


For example, the ANA usually require 40,000 miles to fly between the West Coast and Japan. Getting those miles requires 40,000 Membership Rewards points.

Ordinarily, British Airways would require 50,000 miles or 50,000 Membership Rewards points to fly the same route on JAL. However, with a 40% transfer bonus, you would need less than 36,000 Membership Rewards points to get those 50,000 miles, saving you over 14,000 points from the normal award price. During the promotion, booking with British Airways costs over 4,000 fewer Membership Rewards points than booking with ANA. When there is no promotion, booking with British Airways would require an extra 10,000 points.

Current Promotions

You can directly check Membership Rewards' and ThankYou Rewards' websites to see if there are any active signup bonuses.

It is even more convenient to check the listing of currently available offers across programs on Frequent Miler’s Current Transfer Bonuses page. Frequent Miler also provides information about previously available promotions, which can help you anticipate whether future promotions are likely.

Taking advantage of promotions ahead of time

There is an interesting question of whether you should take advantage of a transfer promotion, even when you don’t have any concrete plans to use the miles. Let’s imagine you have a balance of 100,000 Membership Rewards points and there is currently a promotion giving you 40% extra British Airways miles. Should you take advantage of the promotion to transfer let’s say 50,000 of those points into 70,000 British Airways miles and lock-in extra value from your points?

  • Chances are that when you eventually need miles to book a flight, there won’t be a promotion available with the program you would otherwise use. You would wind up getting a lot more value from your points, if you had transferred ahead of time (during a promotion), instead of transferring them (at normal prices) when you need to book your tickets. 
  • The drawback is that you’ll lose a lot of flexibility.  Once you’ve transferred the points to a given airline program, you won’t have the option of using those points with a different program in the future. Some other frequent flyer program might let you take advantage of award availability for a future trip or offer a better deal for your destination. Or there might be an even better transfer promotion for the program you transferred to. In addition, you’ll now need to worry about making sure those miles don’t expire, due to your account becoming inactive.
  • The decision depends on several factors:
    • How many points do you have?  If you have a lot of credit card points, it is less risky to lock-up some of your points by preemptively transferring them to an airline program.
    • How good is the promotion? Getting 50% more miles is a lot more attractive than only getting an extra 25%.
    • How attractive is the airline program? If the transfer bonus is for a program that typically offers good value for award tickets, you are more likely to want to use that program in the future and are taking less risk. You might as well get extra miles from your points.
    • Do the program's miles expire on a fixed date or only after a period of inactivity? It isn't that hard to keep a program active, but if your points will expire no-matter-what, transferring ahead of time creates a real risk you'll lose the points. We recommend avoiding preemptively transferring to a program, like ANA, that has fixed mileage expiration, unless you are nearly certain you'll have an opportunity to use the points.
    • Are you likely to have a specific use for the points soon? If you are likely to want points in a specific program, but you’re not quite ready to book yet, you aren’t taking as much risk by transferring your points early. You’ll save a bunch of points in the likely case you wind up booking the trip and only have a small chance of winding up with a bunch of miles that you’ll need to spend at a later time.
  • In general, we keep things simpler, by not transferring our points until we need them. But if we were willing to take on the extra complexity, it would probably be a good deal to transfer points during good promotions to some of our favorite programs. If you are new to frequent flyer programs, you probably want to hold off on doing preemptive transfers until you have a better feel of how likely you are to use miles from different programs.

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