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  U.S. Bank Credit Cards


U.S. Bank Webpage
Annual Fee

No annual fee

Current Offer
$500 ($4,500 spend)
Typical Signup Offer

200 dollars

$1,000 initial spend

($185 net value, .19/$)

Bonus Categories

3% Cellular Expenses

3% Office Supply Stores

3% Gas

1% Everything Else

Plus a 25% annual bonus.

3% Foreign Transaction Fee


This card is primarily interesting for people who qualify for a business card and are looking for a no-annual-fee way to earn a slightly higher reward rate on cellular expenses and office supply stores.

Collecting the Signup Bonus

This card is primarily interesting for its bonus categories, not for its signup bonus. The typical signup bonus is $200. After subtracting the opportunity cost of using the card for $1,000 of spending, the calculated net value for the initial year is $185 (19 cents per dollar spent).

It isn't much, but its a nice side benefit, assuming you are interested in the card to earn bonus rewards on cellular expenses and office supply stores, without paying an annual fee.

Notable Benefits


Bonus Categories

  • If you can't get a Chase Ink Card, the 3% rewards on office supply store purchases might be interesting.
  • Every year, when you renew the card, you'll earn a 25% bonus on the points you've earned (up to $250). So, for the first $33,333 you spend each year, you'll be actually earning 3.75% cash back.

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