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One of the benefits of Mastercard World Elite, Amex Platinum, and Visa Infinite credit cards is elite status with one or more car rental companies. And once you get elite status in one of the major programs, you can often match it to elite status with the others.

Being an elite member of a car rental loyalty program is nice, but not exceedingly valuable. You get a decent chance of a one-class rental car upgrade and a somewhat faster reward earning rate on your rentals. On the other hand, at many US airport locations, high-level elites can choose their car from an aisle that sometimes has particularly nice options.

Because it is easy to get elite car rental status through promotions or status matches, we would never recommend getting a credit card just to get elite rental car status. However, there is a reasonable chance that you already have, or will wind up getting, at least one of the cards that has this benefit. And you might as well take advantage of their elite car rental status benefits. And then match that status, if necessary, with other rental car companies.

What's available from each credit card

Just having the credit card is not enough. You’ll need to go online or call the rental car company to request your elite status.

Start with getting elite car rental status from your credit card.

Program Visa Infinite World Elite Mastercard Amex Platinum
Webpage Webpage

Executive status Special rates Executive status

Preferred Plus status Preferred Plus status Special rates

2-hour grace period with CDP 2150933 President's Circle status. 4-hour grace period with CDP 211762

Platinum status

Special rates

Some notes:

Free rental days with Avis

With the Amex Platinum, you'll earn a free weekend car rental (good for two days), if you complete two qualifying car rentals during the first half or second half of the year. To qualify, your paid rentals need to be at least two days long, booked with AWD A756900, and paid for with your Platinum card. You can earn one certificate every six months.

Other paths to automatic Hertz status

United Club Credit Card

The premium United Club Credit Card gives you automatic Hertz President's club access (not just their lower Five Star status). Webpage.

United and Delta elite members

Delta Medallion and United Premier elite members automatically get elite status in the Hertz Gold Plus program. United Webpage. Delta Webpage.

Marriott Titanium and Ambassador elites

Titanium members receive Five Star status, Ambassador members receive President's Circle status, by registering online.

Car rental status matches

Once you get status with one car rental company, you can usually match it with the others.


Will only match up to the Preferred Plus level. They don't have an official webpage, you'll need to contact them manually.


Hertz will usually match Avis, National, and Enterprise elites. Hertz Status Match webpage.


Not only will National match status with other car rental companies, they'll give you status if you have elite status with many different hotel and airline programs (such as Hilton or United). National Status Match webpage.


Enterprise will usually match Avis and Hertz status. Enterprise Status Match webpage.

If you are looking for status from some other rental car company, you should email them. There is a good chance you'll get approved.

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