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Annual Fee

A $300 annual incidental airline credit (non-automatic) can partially offset the annual fee.

Typical Signup Offer

No longer available for new signups.

Signup Bonus Chart
Bonus Categories

6x Marriott Purchases (≈4.2%)

3x Restaurants (≈2.1%)

3x Airplane Tickets and Car Rentals (≈2.1%)

2x Everywhere Else (≈1.4%)

No Foreign Transaction Fee

Guide to the Marriott Bonvoy Reward Program


If you regularly pay to stay at Ritz-Carlton hotels, the Ritz card a great set of Ritz-specific benefits. It can also be a cost-effective way to get access to Priority Pass lounges. But, the card is only available to people who upgrade from a Chase Marriott card.

Collecting the Signup Bonus

No longer available for new signups.

Airline Incidental Credit

  • The Ritz card's $300 annual credit can only be used for airline incidental expenses. However, unlike the incidental credits from the American Express cards, it is not limited to a single airline that you select at the beginning of the year. You can use it for across different airlines. In addition, you can use it to offset seat upgrade fees.
  • Credits only apply to incidental expenses like baggage fees, food and beverage purchases, and airport lounge access fees, not on actual ticket purchases. The credit for this card explicitly includes seat upgrades, which are often excluded from similar credits on other cards.
  • Unlike the other airline incidental credits, the credit from the Ritz card is not applied automatically. After you've used the card to make a qualifying purchases, you need to remember to call in and make a reimbursement claim. This substantially increases the effort it takes to use the credit. Furthermore, it makes it more difficult to use the credit to purchase airline gift cards, which don't technically qualify for the credit. Rather than simply purchasing a gift card and having a credit automatically (but incorrectly) applied, you will need to call in and hope that the representative doesn't ask you what the charge was for. Get Full Value from Your Airline Incidental Credits.
  • As a result, many people will not wind up getting anywhere near full value from this credit. However, if you do spend a bunch of money each year on seat upgrades, baggage fees, and other incidental expenses; or if you are planning on purchasing a lounge membership; and you take the extra step to call in; you might be able to get full value from the credit and lower the card's effective annual fee to only $150.

  • Because the credits are issued on a calendar-year basis, you can qualify for two credits the first year you have the card. For example, if you sign up for the card in August, you can get up to $100 credit for purchases made between August and December and you can take advantage of another $100 credit between the January and August.

Other Notable Benefits

  • Annual free night certificate. With the revised version of the card, you'll get a certificate, each anniversary, good for a hotel night of up to 50,000 points. You can earn additional certificates with other Marriott and SPG credit cards.
  • Airport lounge access. Like the other premium cards, a get a Priority Pass membership that provides free access to over a thousand airport lounges and restaurants. With this card, you can bring in unlimited guests. Even better, you can add any number of authorized cardholders at no extra charge and each of these cardholders gets their own Priority Pass membership (complete with unlimited guest privileges). Get Free Airport Lounge Access from a Credit Card
  • Three club level upgrades per year. Each upgrade certificate must be used on a paid reservation, but is good for up to seven nights. Ritz-Carlton clubs are very nice, providing food and drink options throughout the day.
  • $100 hotel credit (for each stay of 2 or more nights). Like the upgrade certificates, these must be used on paid stays. You can use the $100 towards dining, spa treatments, and other recreational activities, but not to pay for the room cost.
  • Automatic Marriott / Starwood elite status. Until August 2018, you'll get automatic Gold status, good enough for free breakfast and lounge access at many Marriott program hotels. In August, you will be upgraded to even better Platinum status until the end of the year. For 2019, you'll get automatic gold status, 15 credits toward higher level status (which can't be combined with the credits from other Marriott / SPG cards), and the opportunity to get automatic Platinum status (with $75,000 worth of spending).
  • "Primary" rental car insurance. If you use this card to pay for your rental car, you'll get primary rental car insurance. Unlike the "secondary" insurance you get from most other cards, if you damage your rental car, you don't need to involve your personal auto insurance company. Credit Cards That Provide “Primary” Rental Car Coverage.
  • Free roadside assistance. The roadside assistance benefit that comes with most credit cards simply connects you a to nearby service provider. But this card actual pays for your roadside assistance services, including towing, lockout assistance, spare tire installation, jump starts, or emergency fuel. Up to $50 per incident. Get Free or Discounted Roadside Assistance with these Credit Cards.
  • Access to Chase's Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection. Along with other Chase cards, you'll get access to Chase's luxury hotel program. When you use the program to book one of the participating hotels, you'll receive a set of valuable benefits, including free breakfast, late check-out, and a hotel-specific amenity (which is typically a $100 hotel, restaurant, or spa credit). Take Advantage of Luxury Hotel Programs for Valuable Extra Perks.
  • Car rental elite status. Like all other Visa Infinite cards, your card entitles you to elite status with National car rental. Instant Car Rental Elite Status.
  • Visa Infinite Hotel benefit. Visa Infinite cardholders get access to the Visa Luxury Hotel program. At about 200 hotels, Infinite card holders get an additional benefit (typically some sort of $100 credit) on top of what is available to Signature cardholders. You'll also have access to the regular Visa Signature hotel program, which provides slightly weaker benefits at a much larger collection of hotels. Take Advantage of Luxury Hotel Programs for Valuable Extra Perks
  • Access to Visa Signature Offers. Your card entitles you to a set of special offers available from Visa.
  • $100 TSA fee credit. Every four years, you can receive an automatic reimbursement of your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fee (up to $100).

Bonus Categories

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