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Annual Fee


Current Offer
60,000 Avianca miles: 40,000 on 1st purchase, additional 20,000 with $1,000 spend. Must use promo code SB4060. Vida version offers 40,000 miles with the same code.
Typical Signup Offer

40,000 Avianca miles

On first purchase

($330 net value)

Signup Bonus Chart
Bonus Categories

3x Avianca Purchases

2x Groceries and Gas

1x Everything Else

No Foreign Transaction Fee


The Avianca Vuela Card has an attractive signup bonus. And if you frequently fly on Avianca airlines, you should be able to get good use of the card's other benefits, such as the ability get 50% off an award redemption.

Avianca Credit Card Options

There are two Avianca credit cards.


Avianca Vuela. This is the version you want to get for the better signup bonus or if you want to earn the 50% award ticket discounts. Avianca Webpage. Signup Bonus Chart.


Avianca Vida. The Vida version has lower annual fee ($49 vs. $149), but provides a significantly lower signup bonus, earns lower rewards on Avianca Airlines purchases (2x vs 3x), and doesn't provide the option to earn the 50% discounts on award tickets. Avianca Webpage. Signup Bonus Chart.

Introduction to Avianca Points

  • You can use your Avianca points on United Airlines, any other Star Alliance airline, and any of Avianca's other airline partners. Some notable partners include Air Canada, ANA, Lufthansa, Air China, and Aeromexico.
  • Like United, Avianca doesn't pass through fuel surcharges on award tickets, regardless of which airline you fly. And their award prices often require fewer miles than United. On the other hand, their program can be harder to work with, especially their phone support.
  • You can combine Membership Rewards, ThankYou, Venture, and Marriott points with your Avianca points to book awards.
  • You can boost your point balance by taking advantage of Avianca's frequent point purchasing sales. Avianca aggressively sells their points, often dropping effective prices below 1.5 cents per point. If you don't have enough Avianca points to redeem the award you want, you can stock up on the additional points you need.

Collecting the Signup Bonus

  • It is worth signing up for this card just to collect the signup bonus. If you don't expect to fly on Avianca, you can use your miles on any Star Alliance airline, such as United.
  • You can earn the signup bonuses from both the Vuela and Vida version of the card. Typically, you can get 40,000 from the Vuela version and 20,000 from the Vida version. Alternatively, you can cancel the Vuela card near the end of your first year, wait a few months, and reapply.

Notable Benefits

  • Free second checked bag. This benefit is only for the primary cardholder and only on travel between the US and Central America.
  • 50% off an award ticket (with a $12,000 spending requirement),. With this discount, a round trip flight between the US and Central America would cost 18,000 miles (instead of 36,00 miles) in economy and 36,000 miles (rather than 72,000 miles) in business. If you spend a total of $24,000 during the year, you'll earn a second discount certificate. You can only use the award discounts for flights operated by Avianca and which travel between the US and Columbia or Central America. Spending is based on a calendar year, so if you sign up late in the year, it can be hard to qualify during your signup year (and leverage the initial spending requirement).
  • Ability to purchase a bunch of additional miles for 1.45 cents each. Avianca's "Multiply Your Miles" program allows you to purchase additional miles at a reduced rate. You can purchase miles equal to the number of miles you've earned from your flights and with the Avianca card (including the signup bonus) or or you can purchase double this number of points. This essentially allows you to spend money to double or triple the miles you'd earn each year.
  • With the 15% discount you get from using the card, you can purchase additional miles for as little as 1.45 cents each. Since you can use these miles for any Star Alliance flight (with award availability) and Avianca never passes through fuel surcharges, this is a very attractive price. On the other hand, Avianca frequently offers promotional sales, where you can purchase miles for around the same price per point.

Bonus Categories

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