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You aren't always going to be able to use reward points for free travel. Sometimes, you are just going to need to pay for hotels, airplane tickets, and car rentals. When you do, you should pay as little as possible.

With the right strategies, you can almost always get a cheaper price on your hotels, airplane tickets, and car rentals than what you'd find on a quick search on a travel website like Expedia.

This is especially true for hotels and car rentals. It takes some extra time, but the savings can be worth it.


You can almost always do better than the hotel's so-called "best available rate".


Airfares are mostly standardized across booking sites. The trick to flying for less is not some magic website with cheaper fares, but on finding the cheapest flights that work for your trip.

Advanced Airfare Strategies

If you are willing to spend more time and effort, there are some advanced strategies for saving money on your tickets.

Rental Cars

Prices for rental cards vary dramatically. You should almost never reserve them through the major travel sites.

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