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Due to the substantial (and frequently temporary) changes caused by the Coronvirus pandemic, we mostly stopped updating the site in March of 2020. We expect to be refreshed and fully up-to-date when things start returning to normal in mid-2021.

The complete guide to traveling more for less.

Earning Points and Frequent Flyer Miles. Even if you don't travel frequently for work, you can easily earn enough reward points for free hotel nights and frequent flyer tickets. With a little bit of effort, you can earn enough reward points for multiple free hotel nights and frequent flyer tickets every year.
Using Your Points for Free Travel. Once you earned a bunch of points, you get to spend them. While using hotel points isn't very challenging, it can be hard to get good value from your frequent flyer miles. But with a little help and a little luck, you can master the art of getting free tickets.
Save Money on All Your Reservations.. Most people aren't going to get all their travel for free, but you can still travel for less money. With the right strategies, you can almost always get a cheaper price on your hotels, airplane tickets, and car rentals than what you'd find on a quick search on a travel website like Expedia.
Easy Access to Valuable Travel Benefits. You don't need high-level status to get access to many valuable travel benefits. Anyone can easily get access to airport lounges, free hotel night certificates, airline companion tickets, free checked bags, free hotel breakfasts, and other desirable travel benefits.

Our Credit Cards Reference Guide provides tips and techniques for optimizing the process of signing up for and getting rid of cards, avoiding any mistakes, managing your credit rating, and making sure you don't miss out on earning the best possible signup offer on every new card.

What's New

  • Hotel and airfare prices are unpredictable right now. Some airlines and hotels have rock bottom prices, hoping to fill up their empty planes and rooms. Others are keeping prices remarkably high for the people who are still planning travel.
  • After a brief period of uncertainty, when they were reluctant to approve new credit card applications, banks are now offering very aggressive signup bonuses (as well as enhanced spending offers to keep current customers).
  • Most airlines and hotels have lowered the requirements for earning status during 2021.
  • While airlines and hotels generally stopped points from expiring from "inactive" accounts, many of these exceptions have ended. Check the dates on any hotel or airline account where you have a substantial points balance. Points from the credit card company's own reward programs aren't a problem (as long as you still have their cards).
  • Free night certificate, airfare companion certificates, and various other hotel and airline certificates that were issued or would expire in 2020 have almost all been extended, usually until the end of 2021.
  • But most certificates issued in 2021 still have normal expiration periods. An important exception are Hilton Free Night certificates which won't expire until the end of 2022.