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  Home provides the information you need to save money on all your travel, get the most from travel reward programs, and unlock valuable benefits from travel and reward credit cards.

Getting started: 8 simple steps for cheaper and better travel

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of time and energy becoming a travel expert. But it doesn't take much time and effort to follow a few simple strategies that can make a big impact on your travel expenses. These 8 simple strategies are a great way to get started.

Collecting credit card signup bonuses

If you are willing to move beyond our beginning strategies, the most valuable "next step" is to collect credit card signup bonuses. You can sign up for one credit card after another and earn their often-lucrative signup bonuses. Contrary to widespread belief, it's easy to do and won't kill your credit rating—it is more likely to improve it.

As long as you don't have a problem handling credit, this is the easiest way to generate hundreds of thousands of reward points that can be used for thousands of dollars of free airplane tickets and hotel rooms.

Get the most from travel reward programs


Frequent flyer and hotel programs let you travel more often or more luxuriously. But frequent flyer programs, in particular, can be difficult to take advantage of. Our Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Award Tickets provides the advice you need to uncover available award space and get the most out of your frequent flyer miles. But if you don't already understand the basics of frequent flyer miles and airline alliances, read the background information in our Award Tickets 101: The Basics guide first.

Fortunately, taking advantage of hotel reward programs is a lot easier. Get Free Hotel Nights with Hotel Points and Certificates provides all the details you need to effectively book free hotel nights using points.

Beyond the basics, there are many other, more advanced, strategies that can help you get extra value out of frequent flyer and hotel programs.

More advanced strategies

When you are ready to dig a little deeper, you can learn about some of our advanced strategies for cheaper and better travel.

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