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Cathay Pacific Webpage
(Synchrony Bank)
Annual Fee


Current Offer
40,000 Asia Miles ($3,000 initial spend).
Normal Signup Offer

25,000 Asia Miles

$2,500 initial spend

($170 net value, .07/$)

Signup Bonus Chart
Bonus Categories

2x Cathay Pacific Purchases

1.5x Restaurants

1.5x Any Purchase Outside of the United States

1x Everything Else

No Foreign Transaction Fee


The only reason most people would be interested in this card is for the signup bonus (the signup bonus is a bit more interesting because the card comes from a less common bank)..

Collecting the Signup Bonus

  • Most people shouldn't bother getting this card, just for the signup bonus. The normal signup bonus is 25,000 miles, valued at $300 (at 1.2 cents per point). After subtracting the annual fee, and the opportunity cost of using the card for $2,500 of spending, the calculated net value of the sign-up is $170 (7 cents per dollar spent). Your value may be higher or lower, depending on how much you value the the points.
  • It's a decent signup bonus, but there are many better offers from other cards. However, the Cathay Pacific card does have the advantage of being from issued by a bank that doesn't have a bunch of other interesting cards, so you might squeeze it in, once your done earning more valuable bonuses. The Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses.

  • However, with the current bonus offer, the signup bonus is much more worthwhile. 60,000 miles are valued at $720. Factoring in the annual fee, and the opportunity cost of the $10,000 spending requirement, the net sign-up value is $590 (6 cents per dollar spent). Using a bill paying service to generate the extra $7,500 in spending (needed to qualify for the full bonus), would cost around $190 or (.75 cents per mile). But, if you are already maxing out your spending to collect signup bonuses, you are better off only trying to earn the initial 35,000 miles, and using any additional spending to get additional cards.
  • In other words, the first part of the signup bonus has a net value of $290 (12 cents per dollar spent), and the second part of the signup bonus has an additional net value of $300 (3 cents per dollar spent).

  • You can receive the signup bonus multiple times. After a year, you can cancel, wait a few weeks and then reapply.

Notable Benefits

  • Marco Polo Green status, for your first year. This entitles you to free checked bags and priority boarding.
  • 2 day headstart on award ticket discounts. When Cathay Pacific runs promotions, you can book two days early (along with elite members of the Marco Polo club).
  • 10% discount on gift miles, mileage renewal fees, and mileage transfer fees.
  • Access to the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection. As with all Visa Signature cards, you'll get access to Visa's luxury hotel program. Whenever you book one of the 900+ participating hotels, you'll receive a set of valuable benefits, including free breakfast, late check-out, and a $25 food and beverage credit. The Visa program has slightly weaker benefits than the other luxury hotel programs, but includes a number of more affordable hotel options, and a price guarantee. Take Advantage of Luxury Hotel Programs for Valuable Extra Perks.
  • Access to Visa Signature Offers. Your card entitles you to a set of special offers available from Visa.

Bonus Categories

  • You are better off making your Cathay Pacific purchases with a card that earns a high reward for all your airfare purchases. 2x Cathay Pacific miles are more valuable than what you'd earn from most general-purpose reward cards, but not as good as what you'd earn from a card that earns high bonus rewards on airfare spending. For example, you are better off earning 2 or 3x Ultimate Rewards points, or 2x, 3x, or 5x Membership Rewards points, which can be turned into Cathay Pacific miles, but also have the flexibility to be used for other types of award redemptions. Best Credit Cards for Travel Spending.
  • The 1.5x rewards on overseas purchases is probably not interesting. It is the only card that earns bonus rewards on this category of purchases. However, if you are willing to pay an annual fee for a credit card, there are better options out there.
  • There are better options for your restaurant purchases. The rewards from Cathay Pacific are more valuable than what you would get from a good general-purpose reward card, but not as good as what you could get from a card that offers good bonus rewards for this category. Best Credit Cards for Restaurant Spending.
  • You don't want to use this card for your everyday spending. You'll earn higher rewards from a good general-purpose reward card. Get a Great General Purpose Reward Card and Use It for All of Your Spending.

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